The Importance of Being Decentralized

Roger Caillois - sociologist, critic
(March 3, 1913 ~ December 21, 1978)

Roger Caillois, French sociologist and critic states in his book published in 1958(Man, Play and Games) that a person would immerse him/herself into a game through three elements - role, competition and luck'.

Digital games of today appears not to be much different as it consists of these three elements, with the luck being the core element as it can impact an entire game.

However, the very element is still regarded as a territory of distrust and remains a subject to conflict mainly due to today's decentralized structure.

7Chain aims to extinguish this problem soon.

An Analysis of Global Gaming Market

GLOBAL GAMES MARKET (Newzoo) Revenues per Segment 2016-2021 with Compound annual Growth Rates

The digital games sector continues to grow consistently worldwide: thanks to distribution of smartphones, high-speed mobile network and growth of middle-class in developing countries.


Console PC Mobile
$180.1BN 2.6 times growth over 2012


Interactive gaming market is expected to grow to USD 5.19 Billion of market cap by 2022, and it is something worth of attention. Such rapid growth is expected because majority of prospective and potential customers prefer an online environment than that of offline, which would be much beneficial for 7Chain's revenue via its platform.

Interactive (excl. Mobile)

$36.9BN 1.4 times growth over 2013


$34.5BN 4.6 times growth over 2013

Why 7Chain ?

7Chain aims to solve the trust issue of today's digital games via revolutionary RNG.

Data fabricability

Central Service
Digital asset's volatility

3rd Party Marketing

losing point of business

Decentralized system
Secured transparency

Decentralized Service Digital asset protection

Inadequate TX latency issue real-time service losing point of business

Unproven transparent RNG tech.

Limited Operating System supportability

Decentralized system
Secured transparency

Decentralized Service
Digital asset protection

Upright & Transparent RNG
Proof of Technology through MVP

Real-time and Gas Free service by DPoS

Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5 Support

Reduce platform fees / transaction costs Higher Business Profitability


7Chain's RNG algorithm is the world's first technology that provides ultimate fairness by letting all involving parties in generating random numbers.


All would know no result would be manipulated, operators would be in full trust, and authority of jurisdiction would have no problem verifying such result.

A Blue ocean market

7Chain's platform is capable of hosting a wide variety of digital games supporting RNG algorithm, including interactive games, social games and role-playing games.

Core Technology

World's first
decentralized RNG

Absolute fairness would be provided by letting game players, publishers and 7Chain participate in random number generation.

Dapp made possible by
EOS-based Smart Contract

Entire RNG process would be implemented by EOS-based Smart Contract, providing a transparent gaming environment.

User-friendly and customized
Blockchain Scanner

With the available custom web viewer, users are able to verify large amount of data on Blockchain with ease.

7Chain Architecture

7Chain-Architecture 7Chain-Architecture

Strengths of 7Chain

Open B2B platform

7Chain's RNG protocol is available for quick and easy applications to all existing games without being restricted by jurisdictions of any nations and their bylaws - this is because 7Chain's RNG can be executed without encrypted in-game currency trading. 7Chain would only charge minimum fees to game operators.

Cross-platform compatibility

7Chain's platform would be compatible with other existing Blockchain platforms. This is because 7Chain's own ecosystem grows as its trust-based protocol assists other existing ecosystems.


Not only 7Chain's platform is HTML5-ready, it supports Unity3d engine that is used widely in the gaming industry. This translates to that 7Chain would provide web based API and SDK for Unity3d, making implementation a breeze.

Competition against Other Competing Projects

7Chain's world's first decentralized RNG technology is already being protected under International PCT patenting. The technology has been integrated to an exemplary game being run on a Blockchain network, with its transparency and fairness elements being verified. This further proves that the technology can be applied to online games running transactions in real-time.

  Funfair Edgeless CoinPoker SP8DE 7Chain
Crypto type ERC-20/ETH ERC-20/ETH ERC-20/ETH ERC-20/ADA EOS
Gaming platform Support Not Support Not Support Unclear
All devices support Not Support Not Support Not Support Not Support Support
Decentralized RNG Not proven
Not Transparent
Not Support Not Implement
Not Implemented
User participation in RNG Not Support Not Support Not Support Not Support Support
Real-time RNG reflection Not proven
Support Not Support Not Implement
Not Implemented
Apply without Crypto Currency Not Support Not Support Not Support Not Support Support
Mental poker algorithm Not Support Not Support Not Support Not Support Support
Transaction Fee Not proven
Support Not Support Not Implement
Not Implemented
Commercial Product Not Support Support Support Not Support Support

7Chain's Platform Economics

7Chain's platform is expected to bring a significant networking impact on multiple stakeholders. This is because the core value of the platform's proposal is in increasing trust on 100% decentralized RNG, where it should deem itself attractive for both service providers and their end users. It also would reduce large portions of fees involved in transactions that occur in turn.

Employing 7Chain's platform would prove that itself at an advantage against the current market, leading the free market system to Pareto Optimality for everyone.

finally, Native token VII can produce the following result. 1. Benefits of all stakeholders through RNG participation, 2. Hold money for game services, 3. Circulation of the economic ecosystem including the payment of money for game play and introduction of platform.



WEB Gacha Game

Transparent random itembox!


WEBSlot Game

Play the fair reel game


WEBGear Upgrade

Upgrade your gear transparency


Gacha System


Slot System


Gear Upgrade



  • 16

    2016 Q2

    Numbers Inc. established (individual business)

  • 17

    2017 Q2

    Completion of Online Poker Project

  • 2017 Q4

    Core members Acquisition

    R&D on Blockchain Technology

  • 18

    2018 Q1

    Player-participating RNG Algorithm developed

    DEVPOT Team joined

    7Chain Project initiated

  • 2018 April ~ May

    Numbers21 PTE.LTD, Singapore Satellite established

    7Chain RNG v0.1 Development Completed

    G2E Asia 2018 B2B Booth

    - RNG Performed at through Poker and Dice Games

    MOU between Hunan Shaojing network(USD 20 Mil of annual Sales)


    2018 June

    7Chain RNG v0.2 Updated

    Announcement of Poker and Slots MVP Games with 7Chain RNG v0.2

  • 2018 July

    Release of 7Chain RNG v0.5

    Official website open

    Game Player participating RNG, Patent application for Korea

    Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 Booth

    - Gacha, Item enchant MVP announced

    Nifty 2018 participation and 7Chain PR Activity


    2018 Aug

    Player participating RNG, International PCT patent application

    7Chain Wallet Prototype Development

    SUBETE GAMES JAPAN, Media Partnership Agreement

    H2Interactive JAPAN, RNG Solution Exclusive distributor Agreement in Japan

  • Sep. 2018

    Participated in Tokyo Game Show for the promotion of 7Chain

    Signed an agreement with Ziopops (NZ) for the supply of 7Chain RNG solution

    Opened official media channels

    - Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram


    Oct. 2018

    Opened a renewed version of official homepage

    Selected for Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center's 'The Edge' project

  • Nov. 2018

    Participated in GStar 2018 for the promotion of 7Chain

    Signed an strategic partnership with Korea's largest EOS community KOREOS-MEDEOS

    Opened 7Chain official channel in KOREOS


    Dec. 2018

    Signed a strategic partnership with EOSYS, Chain Partners, an EOS Block Producer that represents South Korea

    Signed a strategic partnership with STEALIEN, South Korea's top-tier cyber security company

    Signed a strategic partnership with NodeBrick, a blockchain game developer

    Hosted EOS developer meetup and 7Chain meetup in Seoul / Announcement of community wallet '7Chat'

  • 19


    2019 Q1

    Official announcement of 7Chain RNG v1.0 (EOS Mainnet based)

    Community wallet '7Chat' BETA Open

    1st Ecosystem participation campaign

    - Community support,, Dev support, PR etc.,

  • 2019 Q2

    7Chain RNG v1.5 Update

    - Peer to Peer Asset trade support

    3rd party game release

    2nd Ecosystem participation campaign


    2019 Q3

    7Chain RNG v2.0 Update / Ecosystem reinforced build-up

    - Integrate with other blockchain platforms(Expansion)

    - Bigdata-oriented System

  • 2019 Q4

    7Chain RNG v3.0 Update / Stabilization of Ecosystem

    - Big data research program execution



  • Team(LOCKED) 7%
  • Founder(LOCKED) 8%
  • Token Sale 24%
  • Investment & Staking 26%
  • Community(LOCKED) 10%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Advisor(LOCKED) 5%
  • Contents Sourcing 18%
  • Development 38%
  • Marketing & Operation 30%
  • Legal 10%
  • Advisor 4%

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